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The cart and checkout blocks are available for testing in the WooCommerce Blocks plugin (v2.6 and newer). These blocks are part of a ground-up rebuild of the purchase flow, based on industry best practices.

The cart and checkout blocks are fully functional, with some limitations. The blocks are not yet a complete replacement for the existing shortcodes.

The purpose of this document is to provide clear information about what is supported and what’s still in development, so stores can make an informed decision about how to use the blocks.


To use the cart and checkout blocks, your site must meet the following requirements:

  • WooCommerce Blocks plugin installed and active (v2.6 minimum, latest recommended).
  • Use one or more supported payment gateways (see below for details).

Compatible Payment Gateways

Bank Transfer (BACS)n/a (included in WooCommerce Core)WooCommerce Blocks v3.0+
WordPress 5.2+
Cash on Deliveryn/a (included in WooCommerce Core)WooCommerce Blocks v3.0+
WordPress 5.2+
Chequen/a (included in WooCommerce Core)WooCommerce Blocks v3.0+
WordPress 5.2+
PayPal Standardn/a (included in WooCommerce Core)WooCommerce Blocks v2.6+
WordPress 5.2+
Stripe – Credit CardStripeWooCommerce Blocks v2.6+
Stripe 4.5.1+
Stripe – Payment Request
(Apple Pay, Chrome Pay)
StripeWooCommerce Blocks v2.6+
Stripe 4.5.1+


The extensibility interfaces for the cart and checkout blocks are still being developed. Because the blocks are completely new, extensibility interfaces are not final and are subject to change.

The cart and checkout blocks support selected payment methods (detailed above). Note that not all payment methods in the Stripe extension are supported at present.

The cart and checkout blocks do not currently support plugins that integrate with the cart and checkout shortcodes. In particular, extensions that use hooks related to cart and checkout may not function as expected. Extensions that render additional markup in cart or checkout – for example, custom checkout fields – are not supported.

If you’re developing extensions or customizations that integrate with cart and checkout, you can follow development progress, and provide feedback over on GitHub.

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